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3 poems


The old woman in her chair
looked carefully at the keys
poking deep into her memory

To open up her remembrance
each key was a key-image

“Before I knew what each key opened
now I don’t remember”
she muttered as if I were only
    in her head

I trembled at the thought that with them
a hidden palace was opened

“Nor do you remember the locks,
the drawers, the doors
or even recall where they were”
I said voiceless

Everything returns to the shadows
but you have the keys

There are no more secrets
for everything returns to the mystery

But you have the keys
although you don’t remember now


The Beloved is double
absent and present
visible and evoked

The first is faithful to his proximity
the other to his perfection

I am faithful to the former tenderly
love storms us
To the latter, faithful to the desire
love obliges us

To one I say
I live with you,
yet I love you

To the other I say
I live without you
yet I love you

It is difficult to know which of the two
is invented


One Speaks loudly
in the ears of the deaf
or when the atmosphere deafens

One speaks quietly
in the ears of children
and to those who dream
like lovers do
amongst themselves

Yet never is a voice so loud
as when an angel
or devil
speaks quietly
in our ear


Angela-Ines Garcia

A la fois poète, traductrice et journaliste culturelle, Angela Garcia est née à Medellin. Si elle a elle-même publié des recueils de poésie, nombre de ses poèmes ont été intégrés à plusieurs anthologies, dont Poésie d’Amérique latine, parue en Allemagne en 1996, ou Anthologie de la poésie colombienne, publiée au Mexique en 1997. Désireuse de valoriser les lettres sud-américaines et les talents colombiens, Angela Garcia a fondé le festival international de poésie de Medellin, sa ville natale, et est membre de l’Association des écrivains du Sud, qui promeut la poésie latine. Son dernier livre, Una Ciudad sin muros, est paru en 2012.