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Her debut Titlul volumului meu, care mă preocupă atât de mult... ("The Title Of My Collection, Which Preoccupies Me So Much") made Adela Greceanu (1975) one of the voices that highlighted a certain shift of vision and attitude the new Romanian poetry. Concerned with femininity and the subjective emotional life of a "persona" called in her second book Domnişoara Cvasi ("Miss Quasi", 2001), Adela Greceanu consolidated her reputation with every new book. Her latest collection (Understanding Right Through The Heart, 2004) and her recent novel (The Red‐Socked Bride, 2008) develop her onirical, almost surrealistic vision, making her one of the most original contemporary Romanian writers whose poetry is considered to continue the tradition of Gellu Naum and Rene Char.