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Ljubeta Labović was born in 1956 in Bare Kraljske, Montenegro. He writes poetry, prose and essays on poetry. He belongs to the new wave of Montenegrin writers. His work has been published in magazines such as Ars, Poezija, Romboid, Apokalipsa, Ex Symposion, and others, as well as in collections, anthologies and panoramas in Montenegro and the surrounding countries. He is the Artistic Director of the most important Montenegrin literary event, “Ratković's Poetry Evenings”, and he’s also participated at many regional and international literary festivals: Voix Vives (Living voices – Sete, France), Europoetika – Budapest, Verse in the Region – the Sarajevo Days of Poetry, and many others. He studied Yugoslav and world literatures at the University of Belgrade. He published books of poetry “Tanatoide/oblici smrti” (Tanatoides/the Shapes of Death), “Gospodar kaveza” (The Lord of the Cage), and “Chambre interieure/Unutrašnja soba” (Interior Chamber), a bilingual Montenegrin/French edition. He was a member of the editorial staff of Monitor independent weekly, author of numerous shows about culture on Montenegro National Television, and a permanent associate of the Art-magazine of the Vijesti Daily Paper. He is a member of the Montenegrin Independent Writers’ Association. His poetry has been translated to French, English, Italian, Slovenian, Polish, Macedonian, Hungarian, Slovak and Bulgarian. Winner of the prestigious awards for poetry "Risto Ratković". He lives in Belgrade.