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Joan-Elies Adell was born 1968 in Vinaròs, located in the south of the Catalan-speaking community. He holds a Ph. D. in Literature and a Masters in Audiovisual Communication. He is currently involved with the Literary Theory Department at the Catalan Open University, both as a professor and a researcher. He is a member of “Hermeneia”, an international research network devoted to studying the relationship between new technologies and literary studies.

As a poet Joan-Elies Adell has published five award-winning collections: Oceà immòbil [Motionless Ocean], 1995, A curt termini [Short Term], 1997], Un mateix cel [The Same Sky], 2000, Encara una olor [Even a chance smell], 2003, La degradació natural dels objectes [The Natural Decay of Objects] , 2004. His six book is Pistes falses [Falses clues], 2006.

Joan-Elies has also written essays in the field of literary studies and contemporary music.