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Goran Djordjevic was born at Kolari near Smederevo on May 16, 1952. He finished primary and secondary school in Smederevo, and the studies of Yugoslav Literatures and Serbo-Croatian Language in Belgrade.
 He writes poems, literary criticism, and papers on literary history.
 Collections of poetry: Početak nedelje – The Beginning of the Week (1984), 29. april – April 29 (1985, 1995), Rasuta zemlja – Scattered Earth (1997, 1998, and 1999), in Romanian (1998), in Slovak (2001), Sentandreja i druge pesme – Szentendre and other Poems (2007), Smederevo, sedam pesama na sedam jezika sa sedam crteža – Smederevo, Seven Poems in Seven Languages with Seven Drawings (2009), Raskršća – Crossways, in Italian (2009).
 He has edited the monograph Pesnički ključ Smedereva, 25 godina festivala Smederevska pesnička jesen – The Poetic Key of Smederevo, 25 Years of the Smederevo Autumn Festival of Poetry (1994), Izbor iz stvaralaštva za decu Branislava Nušića – The Selection of Branislav Nusic's Works for Children (1997), Dela Vaska Pope – The Works of Vasco Popa (2007). His poems have been published in more than twenty anthologies at home and abroad, and they have been translated into: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Slovak, Armenian, Polish, Chinese, Greek, Macedonian and Turkish.
 Major awards: The Smederevo Award (1984, 1999), The Srboljub Matic Award (1998), The Vuk Prize (2006), The Milan Rakic Award for the best book of poetry (2008), The Charter of St Sava (2009), The Pen of Despot Stefan Lazarevic (2009).
 He has been director of the Smederevo Poetic Autumn international festival of poetry, and editor of the bilingual poetic books under the common title Meridians.
 He lives in Smederevo.