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Maria Zaman originally comes from a lush green country called Bangladesh. But she moved to the U.S.  in 2019 for her master’s degree. Currently she is studying English at the University of North Dakota. Being bilingual, she has always had a fascination towards language and culture. Being a Bangladeshi, she was able to learn about Bengali literature, but she has always felt extra love for English literature which is why she decided to come overseas to study about this subject. She can spend an entire day reading poetry or a novel by Joseph Conrad or Chinua Achebe or Arundhati Roy which clearly highlights her interest in post-colonial literature. She also enjoys studying pedagogy as she has a passion for teaching. She has been teaching since 2013 and so far, she has enjoyed to the fullest the overall experience and most importantly she has learnt so much throughout her eight years of teaching. In the future, she plans to pursue teaching as a long-term career goal.