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Stella G. Nikoloudi was born in Athens in 1950. She studied philosophy and classical philology
at the universities of Athens and Heidelberg. She has worked as an editor for the weekly periodical “Tachydromos” and then for the General Secretariat for Press and Information in Athens where she completed her editorial career. While working in this sector she had a parallel activity as an independent writer and translator from English, French and German language. She has translated among others texts by Goethe, Hoelderlin, Celan, Rilke, Heidegger, Szondi,Gruenbaum , Benjamin and Beaudelaire in books and periodicals. She understands her work as a translingual research aiming at efficient language communication. In 2001 she has published a volume of poetry under the title “Language and Resurrection” (Agra, Athens) For the translation of Goethe’ s “Werther” Stella Nikoloudi was awarded a prize first by The Greek Society Of Literature Translators( 1994) and then for the same work she received the German-Greek Prize For Literature Translation (1999). Presently she lives and works in Athens.