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Karl Schembri
(1978) is a Maltese poet, short story writer and editor of the independent weekly newspaper Malta Today. He is a sociology graduate from the University of Malta and has written a collection of short stories, Taħt il-Kappa tax-Xemx (Malta: Minima, 2002) and a novel, Il-Manifest tal-Killer (Malta: Choppy, 2006).
"On an official level," he writes about his novel, "Malta is somehow bound to appear more Catholic than the Pope. Out on the streets, there's a silent yet subversive Malta rebelling in its own way. That is essentially Mario Brincat. The main character of my story." In October 2008 Lemonhead Productions will present a stage adaptation of Il-Manifest tal-Killer.
He published his first poems with three other poets in the anthology Frekwenzi ta' Spirti fis-Sakra (Malta: 1997). Il-manifest tal-killer was censored by the University of Malta's radio station, Campus FM, after the management learnt that it was going to be read in the literary programme series Wara Arrigo in January 2007. He is also founding chairman of the Journalists’ Committee.
Karl Schembri
Translations by Albert Gatt