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Caldon Mercieca (1976) is co-founder of awl, a small independent publishing house specialising in contemporary Maltese poetry, with which he has released two poetry publications, Moghlint (2002) and Majorkini (2003). During the past four years, his writing-cycles have become increasingly based on visual images and photography taken from catalogues of art exhibitions, fashion design and home decoration.
He is active in theatre theory research in the context of The Icarus Performance Project Malta (, and has contributed to workshops and conferences of the Summer University of the Performing Arts and to the Icarus Project publications, the latest being on silence and vocalisation in performance in Lamentations of Cain: Dramaturgy of a Performance Process (2006). His academic interest and research in philosophy focus mainly on writing as a way for the creation and cultivation of the self. He is also a student of Sanskrit at the School of Practical Philosophy in Valletta. Currently in final preparations for the publication of a cycle of writings based on etchings by symbolist Belgian artist Felicien Rops.

Caldon Mercieca