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        Yorgos Veis was born in Athens. He studied Law at the University of Athens and, since 1980, has worked for the Diplomatic Service of the Foreign Ministry. He has published the following collections of poetry: Forms and Other Poems 1970-1973 (1974); Still More Poetry (1976); Everyone’s Asleep on the Boat (1979); Midday Dragon (1983); Night’s Paraphrase (1989) Geography of Dangers (1994), Chrysalis on ice (1999) and Earth’s postscripts (2004). Selections from his work have appeared in translation in Romania, China, Italy, Germany, England, Slovenia and the USA. He has translated Jorge Luis Borges, Calway Kinnell and Raymond Chandler and regularly writes reviews and critical articles on poetry. His memoirs Asia, Asia (chinese and other observations) won National Book award (2000).