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RG Gregory:
 born Southampton 1928; wartime evacuee; innovative teacher of English and
 Drama (Hampshire, Uganda, Shropshire) 1953-72; founder-member of Word And
 Action (Dorset) - theatre and publications community and touring company
 1972-2003  (set up DOORS and SOUTH poetry magazines, now amalgamated);
 presently responsible for The Drayton Round, Voluntary Arts Organisation,
 exploring creativity of small town in NE Shropshire.  Active poet,
 playwright, director, actor, editor, ineffective polemicist, since
 university days; poems published in relatively few magazines; decidedly
 non-mainstream and disestablishment, anti-poetry competitons, unintentional
 maverick. Six children (one dead) from two long relationships (one a
 marriage).  Recently married for second time.