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Ana Ristović was born at 5th April 1972 inBelgrade, Serbia. She has finished comparative literature at the Philological faculty in Belgrade. She has published the following books of poetry: Snovidna voda (Dreamwater) (1994, Branko Radičević's prize), Uže od peska(Rope of Sand) (1997), Zabava za dokone kćeri(Party for Lazybones Daughters) (1999, Prize of Branko Miljković and Prize at the Book fair in Igalo), Život na razglednici (Life on the postcard) (2003), Oko nule(Round the Zero) (2006), and P.S – Selected Poems (2009).

 She has also received German prize for young European poetry Hubert Burda Preis (2005). Her poems have been translated into English, German, Slovakian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Polish, Bulgarian, Swedish and Finnish language and have appeared in several domestic and foreign anthologies, and magazines.

 Her books of poetry have been translated and published in Slowakian, Slovenian and German language: Pred tridsiatkou, translation: Karol Chmel, publisher: Drewo a srd, Banska Bystrica, Slowakia, 2001. Življenje na razglednici, translation: Jana Unuk and Urban Vovk, publisher: LUD Šerpa, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005. So dunkel, so hell, translation: Fabjan Hafner, publisher: JUNG UND JUNG, Salzburg, Austria, 2007.

 Ana Ristović is member of: Srpsko književno društvo (Serbian literary association), Serbian P.E.N. Centre and Association of literary translators of Serbia.

She is also translator from Slovenian into Serbian language, and in her translation since now have been published 14 books of modern Slovenian prose and poetry. Lives in Belgrade.