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A white Chevrolet,
year 1990!
He tossed me the keys
and said "Try it."
I was amazed,
because it wasn't
that old car from my dad,
who would smack me
on the back of the head
for every mistake.
Four gears?
P - park
R - reverse
N - "neutral" he said,
"like Switzerland"
D - straight ahead
Only gas and brakes!
When I turned the key
the lights even lit up at night.
With that car I toured
the lakes of Wisconsin.
Moccasin Lake,
Storm Lake,
Sunset Lake.
Sometimes I stopped to take pictures
of herds of deer.
Other times I filled up the tank.
I floored the pedal
and discovered America.
A white Chevrolet,
year 1990.
My first car,
even though it really
belonged to Douglas,
my wife's father.

Ivan Hristov
Translated by Angela Rodel