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daisy died the day she was born
a scarecrow blocked her sun and natural forms
pressed strange repellent ways upon her
she lived outside her blackness vaguely white
a bulk unmoving craving for attack
desiring simple contact
                                     no one dared
to know she lived there - no one came
her blackness had its beasts shut tight inside her
an icy father (upright) emitting glows
that shed no light her way or for her comfort
a mother stuffing anger down her throat
to whip her own ten-pronged desire into peace
and she - depetalled daisy piece of fluff
fixed touchless out of sight denied by both
one day when asked to draw herself as child
daisy hurled a scattered ball of string
hard at the floor and screamed that's me
here she floats dis-spaced a tangled tune
unwanted weightless going nowhere slow
a winter cabbage rootless in the sea
malignant bulb in someone else's earth
a thing of little blood and frozen tears
a cataract of shards that shatters down
so fast it has catastrophe of stillness
day's stunted eye - a kind of feel
returns at sunset
                                a yellowness creeps in
beyond the tortures of a seed-inflicted mask
come night the blackness is her own
she burns inside it straining little glows
she has her tiny passions muted songs
until the daylight rattles in her eyes
and chains again cut weals into her brain