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POETICANET aspires to build a bridge of communication between greek poets and poets from all over the world. It aims at making greek poetry known abroad, as well as at introducing poets from other countries to fellow Greeks.  
     One of our main objectives is to explore and communicate/converse with all the poetical trends, as well as to provide young poets with new channels of making their work known. Initially, the website will be in Greek and English however in the long run we intend to add other languages. Each of these language sections will be autonomous. Whenever possible however, some articles will be translated and will appear in other language sections too. 
    Maria Efstathiadi, is the “godmother” of this website. We thank her for the encouragement. A big thank you to Vagelis Hatzivasiliou, Alexis Ziras, Elisabeth Arseniou,Titika Dimitroulia, Kleopatra Liberi and Maro Papadimitriou for their suggestions and support. We would also wish to express our gratitude to UBU Web, Jylien d' Abrigeon, Reiner Strasser, Jörg Piringer as well as to all poets for their co-operation. A big thank you also to Viktor Koen for his artistic contribution with his works.

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