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Angelic Flights (Ed. poetry collection title)

These glimpses caught in words or images are each so weightless and so
shifting that you could think they have no substance . . . that is, until the moment when like curling smoke and light they touch each other in the darkness, and a bright perception takes form, looks back at us, comes alive.

-Philip Gross

The exquisite fusion of image and word renders a deeply satisfying aesthetic experience, whereby we are transmuted by its profundity, exquisiteness and light. Indeed, accomplished artists in their own right, photographer and poet have melded their talents to produce a visceral and ethereal monograph on the flights of angels and in turn have lifted up our souls to the very gods.
-Paula Marvelly (Author & Editor, The Culturium)

A true haiku is an experience experiencing itself.
-Robert Spiess (1921 – 2002)

This is what I want from haiku: something primitive; something rare;
something essential.

-Martin Lucas (1962 -2014) (Ed. Introduction to the poetry collection)

Five haiku

(Ed. first haiku)

sa dorchadas fiú
amhrán síoraí
an Fhéin

even in darkness
the endless song
of the Self

και στο σκοτάδι
τ' ατέλειωτο τραγούδι
του Εαυτού μας

「暗すみさ 終わりのねぇ わぁの歌」

(Ed. second haiku)

tabhair aingeal dom, a Dhé

aon saghas aingil –
déanfaidh leath-aingeal cúis

God, give me an angel
any old angel –
half an angel will do

Θεέ, δώσε μου άγγελο
και γέρο άγγελο –
και μισό άγγελο


(Ed. third haiku)

ag eitilt chun na bhflaitheas
le m’aingeal –
níl aon stop liom anois

flyin’ up to heaven
with my angel –
ain’t no stoppin’ me now

πετώ στα ουράνια
με τον άγγελο –
δεν έχω φρένο τώρα


(Ed. Fourth haiku)

líon go béal
le cuimhní í . . .
uaigh úrthochailte

fill it
fill it to the mouth with memories  . . .
freshly dug grave

παραγέμισ’ τον
μπούκωσ’ τον μ’ αναμνήσεις . . .
φρέσκος ο τάφος

「死人(しにびと)の 記憶さあふれ 墓(はが)建でり」

(Ed. Fifth haiku)

ní hann don lá inné níos mó . . . 
caith uait an glas
caith uait an eochair

yesterday is no more . . .
throw away the lock
throw away the key

το χθες δεν υπάρχει πια . . .
πέτα κλειδαριά
πέτα το κλειδί



Kon Markogiannis is a photographic artist and researcher based in Thessaloniki,
Greece. He has exhibited widely in Greece and the United Kingdom and his work has been featured in various books and magazines. His university studies include a BA in Illustration, an MA in Photography and a Doctorate in Fine Art.

Kon has an interest in themes such as memory, mortality, spirituality, the human condition and the exploration of the human psyche. He embraces the indexical qualities of photography and its immediate impact on the viewer, but what he is mainly concerned with are the ways “reality” can be transformed. By manipulating the photographic medium and/or combining it with other media he is able to develop a personal and simultaneously transpersonal language which negotiates between subjective art and the photographic document. He sees his work as a kind of weapon against the ephemeral or, as Vilém Flusser would say (Towards a Philosophy of Photography), a “hunt for new states of things”.

For more information visit:






Sarah Thilykou (Greek)

Sarah Thilykou was born in Thessaloniki, where she studied theology, drama, and music, with further work in Utrecht and Paris. She holds a M.A. and a PhD in theology. She has performed professionally as an actor and singer and is currently teaching in secondary education in Athens. She has published poems, essays, and translations in Greek literary publications, including Poeticanet (, of which she is an editor, as well as abroad, her first poetic collection The World in Three Acts (Athens, 2017)  and the Japanese-English bilingual book with Maki Starfield Duet of Islands  (Japan Universal Poets Association, 2018).


サラ・ティリコウはテサロニキで生まれ。神学、ドラマ、音楽を学び、ユートレヒトとパリでさらに研究を行う。M.A.取得、神学の博士号対象者。 彼女はプロの女優俳優および歌手と活動し、現在はアテネの中等教育で教えている。彼女は詩、エッセイを国内外で出版し、Poeticanet(を含むギリシア文学刊行物の翻訳、さらにそこの編集を務める。最近、初詩集”The World in Three World Acts”を出版した。


Maki Starfield (Japanese)

Poet, Translator.  Born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, and then got the diploma of International business management (post graduate)with Honors from Niagara College and the certificate of TESOL from St.George International College in Canada. She began to make haiku in 2008, where she became recipient of a prize at the 12th annual Mainichi Haiku Contest. On February of 2012, she published a new collection, “Kiss the Dragon.”

She has recently been performing as a painter as well as a poet. She participated in Design Festa Vol.40 in Tokyo Big Site in 2014 and recently contemporary art exhibitions. She won a prize at the contemporary art (kindaibijutsu) association's public recruitment exhibition in 2017.

She is a member of Japan Universal Poets Association. She is also a regular member of Sokyu and Sawa in Japanese haiku associates.

Japanese-English Bilingual Books: “Duet of Dots” co-authored with Naran Matos in 2015, “Duet of Lines” co-authored with Luca Benassi, “Trio of Crystals” co-authored with Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald in 2017, “Trio of Gardens” co-authored with Lidia Chiarelli and Huguette Bertrand in 2018, “Duet of Fireflies” co-authored with Bill Wolak in 2018. “Duet of Doors” co-authored with Yesim Agaoglu in 2018.“Duet of Mists” with Dileep Jhaveri, and “Trio of Jade” with Xiao Xiao, Dumu Luofei,.”Duet of Wings” with Willem M. Roggeman, “Duet of Islands” with Sarah Thilykou,“Duet of Faces” with Yiorgos Veis in 2018. Participation:
Poetry Reading in Kyoto (2016, 2018)
JUNPA 5th Anniversary Commemorative International Poetry Festival (2017)



3行詩人、俳人、翻訳家。2008年のときより俳句を独学で学び始める。上智大学大学院英米文学修士課程卒業およびカナダのナイアガラ大学国際ビジネス科大学院コース修了。2012年夏にはカナダのSt.George International CollegeでTESOLを取得。2011年夏にカナダから一時帰国し、アメリカの出版会社から出版デビュー。2012年2月に新句集『キス・ザ・ドラゴン』を自費出版でネット刊行。2012年6月、トロントのアートバーで季語にとらわれない新スタイル、3行詩を発表。現在日本に帰国し、独自の朗読会や3行ワークショップなどを行う。最近は独自のイラスト画も描き、デザインフェスタVol40(東京ビックサイト)等にも出展。日本国際詩人協会会員。同人誌「蒼穹」同人会員、「澤」会員。