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I'll be dirty.
I will disqualify you from many freedoms
in your relation to the forest.
Do not misjudge me if I become almost overbearing.
But, being aware of the contents of your baggage
guessing from your heavy head
I will ask you
not to mess with it again.

One more thing:
when it speaks to you.
write it off

I wasted

I say “wasted”
and I mean very little.
And surely I do not mean that I killed.
I'm good at it,
not bad.
You’ll tell me you waste
the bad ones,
but neither would you call me a heroine.
At best
to look like those
that clean the filthy houses
inspiring awe
the viruses of depression
in parts.

I will say with modestly:
I wasted on the behalf
of those who put someone else
to do
the dirty work.

From her lair
out comes again hiding her sins
the Fox
to see us once more.

I don’t get it.
She died so many times,
was amputated
was driven so many times to the limits,
What is she still waiting for?

The objects
grow when they are close
shrink when they are away
in the end they get lost
because the earth is round.

It seems
she just cannot do