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nothing new    nearly fell    the steeply pitched roof    son    get hurt    and much

has been made    of    the entrance feature    the steeply pitched roof    to ask

the breakfast nook    the breakfast nook is    exceptionally pleasing    the kitchen

then    promises—    but there    were    weird anomalies    everywhere    and why

the breakfast nook    is exceptionally pleasing    in design    the steeply pitched roof

the window—    ask    but    construction: concrete masonry walls    how    construction:

concrete masonry walls    so materialistic    stucco finish    so judgmental    and

what    a long day    stucco finish    a miracle    the plan is intelligent, workable   here

windows    providing    light and ventilation—    stucco finish    home—    the plan

is intelligent    asked    the kitchen, then, promises    the wrong question    and everything

takes    some time    concrete masonry wall—    what a long way    a large bedroom

what a world    filled with magic—    the plan is intelligent, workable    friend    folded

back    against the wall    dead    a large bedroom    may be finished off    a new relationship

concrete masonry wall—

nothing new    under the sun    is competition    in the strangest places

a large bedroom    may be    finished off    to grow    shown    in the sketch above

what    construction    became    construction: exterior walls    the nicest sort    of person

not cruel    a large bedroom    may be    finished off    except    the kitchen    then    bad thoughts—

patrolling    going    from    door to door    one of the most interesting features    still

asking    the rear entry permits    this archway provides    anything—    new    a home

the accommodations of the kitchen    are    the ever desirable    the broom closet    filled

to the brim    with judgments—

a home    one of the most interesting  features

from home—

a closed container    built    into the wall    was like    the rear entry    permits    said

from the kitchen    be    in the first place    and very happy    great saving    in the ice

bill    to meet    the accommodations    of the kitchen—    construction: brick or tile walls

situation    construction: brick or tile walls    dire    brick or tile walls, stucco    hope

construction    the color scheme    suggested    better construction    who knows    what

construction: brick or tile walls—    limping    home    at night    the accommodations

of the kitchen    son    brother    construction    better    construction: brick and tile walls

what    will    a floated finish    brick or tile walls    or brick exterior    with tiled roof

besides    what    the color scheme    suggested    for this exterior—    not today    designs

offers    large accommodations    wondered if    wood frame    had to ask    a question    the plan

calls for    five major rooms    wondered what    construction: brick or tile walls

wanted    to bother    with    construction: brick or tile walls—    the wrought iron railing

look up    here    the owner    provided    a door    look down    construction: brick or tile walls

look    the chief difference    lies    in    the eye    when hot weather comes    the refrigerator

behold    something    the size of the dining room—

new    a point    and

a purpose—

there    are    the same    number of bedrooms    still    the plan calls for    five major rooms    see

is the exterior attractive    the kitchen    contains    a number    of conveniences—

Harold Abramowitz