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The Greek Visual Poetry Group 


    In the Group are included writers, poets and visual artists, who are experimenting by crossing the frontier between two quite defined fields of creative activity: poetry and visual art. The result is a form of expression “Visual Poetry”, which examines what happens to language through a transformation of visual presentation.

    The work of the Group covers a wide spectrum of different media and materials, as painting, sculpture, photo, collage, installations, performances, video art. Also some of them in their books, are containing forms of visual and concrete poetry.

    Since 1981,the Greek Visual Poets have presented their work in group and solo exhibitions, in and abroad.

    A number of the Group exhibitions had been curated by the art historians and critics L.Kokkini,M.Stefanidis,G.Serafini and the visual poet S.Chryssikopoulos.

    The work of the Greek Visual  Poets has been often reviewed by distinguished critics in Art magazines and newspapers.

    In the year 2008,the steady members of the Group are :Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Stathis Chryssikopoulos, Costis (Triandaphyllou), Youlia Gazetopoulou, Natasha Hadjidaki, Telemachos Hytiris, Sophia Martinou, Michail Mitras, Kyrillos Sarris, Ersi Sotiropoulou.  

M.M.   (Athens , 2008)