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Heading north
year by year the whirling creatures
congested in the blood the brain
come apart with too much nagging
and wasted time is always dragging
the self begins to doubt its features
and laughter locks its dreams in pain
the tree that once let clear blue light in
gets knotted twists against its grain
and fouling branches clutch the vision
treat its dead fruits with derision
a blindness sucks the last of sight in
and nothing loved can stand the strain
coldness breaks the south asunder
a hatred wells that won't explain
the principles it chews its heart on
or what its cosmos falls apart on
till only bleakness gawps in wonder
bedazzled by its own black rain
then palpitating fear enlarges
and yearns towards its wants again
the one sure trackway left is polewards
its bitter star draws longings goalwards
until the bile of hurt discharges
and what was purled for now comes plain