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Jörg Piringer

Five interactive soundpoems


born in 1974. currently living in vienna, austria. member of the institute for transacoustic research. member of the vegetable orchestra (das erste wiener gemüseorchester). radio artist. sound and visual poet. musician. master degree in computer science.

[selected works]
1995 szescetszescdziesiatszesc – art- and poetry-zine, vienna/warszawa/mostar
1996 oudeis – a world wide odyssey – concept for an internet theatre performance
1997 der name des bruders – political computergame
taetigkeiten – webpage. collaboration and discussions in and for the german netzliteratur-community
1998 founding of das erste wiener gemüseorchester – the first vienna vegetable orchestra
founding of  the institut für transakustische forschung – institute for transacoustic research.
myzel – selbstorganisation in vernetzten welten – internet online-game
1999 telezone – assistance for the award winning tele-community project (ars electronica)
hearings – organisation and participation at events at the institute for transacoustic research
digitale dichtung – sample poetry. digital sound poetry
2000 internet poetry – webpage: audiovisualinteractive poetry
msv2000 – interactive sound-installation in public space
kassasturz – soundperformance
2001  hyPoem – a dynamic interactive environment for typographic hyperpoetry
wieder.sprechen.lernen. – a radiopoem for orf-kunstradio
elektronische musik und interaktivität (electronic music and interactivity) – master thesis
wir alle – text/sound-movie
outpost – soundinstallation and electronic music performance
2002 participation at monochrom’s project for the biennale sao paulo
3 month pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes residency at grizedale, uk
 soundpoem one – interactive soundpoem
maybe manifesto – text/video/sound-performance
ff oitl – text/sound-movie
2003 2 month AiR_Port residency at forum stadtpark, graz, austria
transacoustic research – founding of the record label and project at the forum stadtpark, graz, austria
 kuchenradio – soundperformance
 ahoi smutje – soundperformance
 geh maasuuauuserl… - soundinstallation at muqua, vienna, austria
 mira lobe grant together with elffriede
 prize: prix de l'atelier de création sonore radiophonique 2003
2004 brø säl – text/sound-movie
vokál – my first solo cd
songliner – audiovisual expedition through europe together with e. nemkova (RU) and b. arler (NL)
 spambot – text/video/sound-performance
 literature work grant by the state secretary for the arts and media in austria
 transakustik a bis z – performance series
2005 sig/b – text/sound-movie
 arts birthday 2005 – radio show with the institute for transacoustic research & alien productions
 futuristic linguistics – electronic soundpoetry performance
 2006 soundpoems 4-6 – interactive soundpoems
 nam web – online textprocessing installation
 rr ii – text/sound-movie