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I managed to think about it

There is a deep spiritual dimension
that is like advertising
for the pharmaceutical
industry. And a transcendent
spirit of right and wrong
to be chewed on and spat out,

some of the nastiest
and sloppiest emotions
lining up to be impressed—
but I wasn't, and then I kicked myself
in the nuts, I was on my knees, but I wasn't
political. And I managed to think about

how, if something in life
is hot and funny,
stupid, interesting, and entertaining
and ruins lives, under the noses of
our parents,
then it should grace us with

a thirty-foot high
on top of our
smurf, our hurting smurf.
And chipmunk-cheeked

and out-of-cash and damp
and burning calories,
a long day ahead
and a long long night
and a day, a mammal lifeform
ordered by our bulging ears,

with wet fur
inside our clothes
knowing when to wipe
and ready to disclose
there is a deep
spiritual dimension, like a squeak.

Stan Apps