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 Responses to American Poetry

The aim of this online space is to host the research work of  university students or young scholars  as this emerges from larger projects focusing on the American poetry scene. The objective of this initiative is to bring this kind of research activity to the attention of the general public in an attempt to further promote the exchange of ideas with regard to the process of reading, understanding and appreciating poetry writing.

Tatiani Rapatzikou
(Advisor and initiative co-ordinator)

1. SOFIA GOUTΖOUSonnets or anti Sonnets: Bernadette Mayer's subversive experiments with the sonnet form

2. ZOI TSIVILTIDOU: Jay Kenneths Koch's poetica multi-dimensionality as it appears  in "Permanently" and "One train May Hide Another"

3. MARIA KALTSA: Linguistic Innovativeness & Mnemonic Textuality in Lyn   Hejinian’s My Life and Writing is an Aid to Memory

4.TATIANI-IOANNA FACHANTIDOU: Anne Sexton and Sharon Olds - Writing from the edge of experience: Developments in Confessional Poetic Writing

5. TRIANTAFYLLIA CHASIOTI: The Form of Meaning and the Meaning of Form in Johanna Druckers HISTORY OF THE/MY WORLD

6. LIZZY POURNARA: Personal Experience and Public Events Entwined in Denise Levertov’s “What Were They Like?” and “Life at War”

7. ANTONIA ILIADOU: Lorenzo Thomas and his Critique on American Media Culture as Presented in his Poetry Collections Chances Are Few (1979) and The Bathers (1981)

8. EVGENIA KLEIDONA: Princesses Saving Princesses/ Olga Broumas’s subversive re-visions of “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Rumplestiltskin”