Artistic Expression and War Conflicts: James Schuyler’s and Denise Levertov’s Countercultural Poems in 1960s America

H.D.’ s Palimpsest of Sappho

Musing on Muses: Blurring the Boundaries Between Translation and Original Creation

Ρόδινη Αλουργίδα / Rodini Alourgida (poem)

My Heel (poem)

Reflecting on “Become a Voice: The Tallgrass in 5 Sapphic Photo-Poems"

Two Poems: Troy / Meadow

Ρόδινη Αλουργίδα / Rodini Alourgida

My Heel (video)

Five Women Conversing


H.D's Flower Garden

Emotional Wisdom, Beyond Worldly Vision

Words and Stones


Sappho’s Solid Ground

Five Women Conversing (Creative)

“Become a Voice”: The Tallgrass in 5 Sapphic Photo-Poems

Shedding Light on Sappho’s Art

Sappho and H.D. in the Age of Postmodernism: Understanding Sappho through the Japanese Nuberu Bagu

Translation through Arrangement: A Retrospective on Φαίνομαι: A Creative Monologue

Reflections and Deflections in My Heel: A Reflective Essay

“Ritual”: Re-writing as a Medium of Interaction with Sappho and H.D. through Words, Sound and Image

Reflections on Words and Stones

A Digital Space for H.D. and Sappho: Making Nuance Accessible

H.D. and Sappho Revisited: Poiesis in Motion

"My Erotic Double" / "Ο Ερωτικός μου Ντουμπλέρ" (Translation)

Postmodern Images: Understanding John Ashbery’s “My Erotic Double” and its Translation

hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it / η ελπίδα είναι ένα επικίνδυνο πράγμα για μία γυναίκα σαν και εμένα - αλλά την έχω (Translation)

Daddy / Μπαμπάκα (Translation)

The Translation Ode: A Conversation Between Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath

Belly Dancer / Χορεύτρια της Κοιλιάς (Translation)

Translating Poetry: Diane Wakoski’s “Belly Dancer”

Still I Rise / Μα εγώ Ανεβαίνω (Translation)

On the Translation of Maya Angelou’s Poem “Still I Rise”

Lady Lazarus / Λαίδη Λάζαρος (Translation)