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I vaguely remember that day.
I lifted up the receiver
and wanted to talk to you,
but you screamed:
War! World War
The first thing
I did
was look up at the sky.
I thought
the airplanes would come
from there.
I was in love
and wanted to talk to you
and was sorry
that world war had broken out
right at that moment.
Then I went into a restaurant.
I drank a beer and sat for a long time watching
the two towers collapsing.
I hardly knew anything
about that city.
As I child I drew
the Empire State Building,
but that love ended
like so many others
it faded,
and now I've wound up here
looking at New York
with Cousin Paul
from the fortieth floor.
Then we went
to Ground Zero.
An African-American woman
was still shouting:
"Look out!"
"Look out!"
even though
five years
had already passed.
People were eating lunch.
The city looked like a beast
with its heart ripped out.
Then we strolled
through Central Park,
I breathed the fresh air,
thought about John and Yoko
and suddenly saw
Christo's GATES.
My Lord,
Why did you lead me here
So young
Perhaps this city
Is the road to heaven?
Ivan Hristov

Translated by Angela Rodel