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The soul saw, the eyes created, the hands sculptured
the mysterious statue.  This is where the little
hunchback hid, and below the dog finished its wretched life, so loved by

I didn’t look after you
The hands were slow moving
I plodded on in the night
I came across the woman who had
No sword but
Who threatened with her face
I ran a temperature in Spain
Before that I had pains right here
Crossing the white landscape I hid from
The inhospitable lightning
For I had been forewarned: as long as
Elan vital exists the walls will go rising

I swear to you I didn’t look after them
I wasn’t interested how it would end
I had a cushy job but I couldn’t stand noises
For sure not for a moment
Did I look after you
Fighting the good fight as you were
And I – Oh, my! – can’t find the beginning

Everything crackles

Slowly as the yet indefinible spherical universe
 is approaching

Veroniki Dalakoura
Translated from the Greek by Yannis Goumas