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    so they drove
over the flat sea
wheels spinning
momentum without charter
                                       drove on
                  herding contrails
plane clouds
                 breed clouds
                                         A control group of sky
or was it a sea road
                           drugged now
                     by the late morning sea
      nod    repeat  rescue
and stuff their mouths with bread
those in the sea’s backseat
babes of bait
Sea’s old face same as the first
the sky turbine cinemascope
the jet age guise
[to be read in Aviation English]
            A cadaver dog
and another dog
             a talking corpse zipped up
             for the duration in a
             horsehair cocoon
and a baby just under
ripe                out with the wash
             remarkable spectacles
             1,     2             & 3
So many ways to
       count the sky
                           Call to prayer
                minaret terminal control
                    “A Light in the Water”*
                   Thunderheads              icebergs
              A formation of geese
                                                       equals crash
in Alaska                    / tailwind
a go-around                    missed approach
we do not withstand               
at V
*”You can activate a light in the water by pulling on one of the straps.”
                                                 --Stewardess, Delta flight, 1 Nov 06
                                                                     Transponder, my friend
the surface of the Moon,  innumerable
                          Fixed Stars, in Nebulae, and above all
                               in FOUR PLANETS
                          swiftly  revolving
                 -over the maw of open ocean
                                     they maintain huge swathes of sky
                  leanest miles           
                         known to no one before the
                      Author recently perceived them
                       and decided that they should
                                        be named
                            aviation security, LLC
            Screener I D 101194
                         write for me dangerous drafts
                      new audience new collaborateur
help in perception
what we all crave
Let us go under
caught in the act
                         ASTRONOMICAL MESSAGE
Great indeed
to increase
the numerous host
of fixed stars
brain exercise for the hyperlexic
                           problems memorizing new facts
                            problems with automaticity
sweet on the cleft palate
of the first fall morning
of “what is far for?”        “What daily life meant?”  
diving board for other flights
                         icy sidewalk
                         -crack in the engine pylon-
as regular as season
most gratifying to the sight
the magnificent  -final approach-
ghost ship
The subject itself
is indeed great
Great immense Great deserving
Great urgent
while the unaided eye of the passenger
takes her and his sky home
on deplaning
Invocation 13 
not between  beloved  beholden  but
not beheld  behoove  not betwixt not bestow
not in between not bequeath --not beheaded but
Given -- not
“created”    “consumed”   “reduced”   “overthrown”   phrases of the pseudology
ah poor victim of too much attention
who     cometh
 climb                     Who
remembers the 13th century when
Mongols didn’t like the written word
and the 1st thing they did when they conquered
was burn all 
Black Ops
and the destruction of the museum 2003 AD
Brief History of the Sky: A Manual for Air Traffic Controllers
It is well known that brevity is essential to any discussion of the sky. Thus for the
sake of brevity we will divide the sky into its fractions: the Ptolemaic sky, the
afternoon sky, the weatherless sky, the seared sky of summer, the skewered sky of
winter tree tops, brother to the Titian sky, sister to the drawn-out sky, Father of the
perspectival sky, Mother to the smoke-stacked skyline of London in 1870. All of
these skies require further divisions into many more skies that can only briefly be
mentioned or barely even motioned at, here. The drenched sky whose light withers
seeing, skies of insomniacs plastered with sleep, little-known night skies for the
sake of pollination, navigating by fluorescent light the daunted night sky under
which urban cleaning occurs, Athena’s sky palace, the sky whose character alters
according to the ages of ice. This is to divide the sky into some of its many halves,
some of which contain a moon, and some of which understand the moon as a lamp
lit by the night-candler. The night sky as we now know it in major urban electrical
centers, is an infant sky. It has only watched us sleep, lorded over us, posed at
dark, for a mere century and a half, in a futile attempt to persuade its inhabitants to
buy the concept of rest. It is perhaps the briefest of all the brief skies in the history
of skies.
Why is any of this important to air traffic controllers? Because air traffic
controllers navigate many skies at once. There is the sky on the screen and that is
the fastest sky ever to burn --strung up by an umbilicus of connected dots: one dot
is the pilots voice, another the pilots eyes, another the air traffic controller’s voice
and the fourth leg is the air traffic controller’s eyes. All of these, far more than the
jet engine shoving air out of its path at such high speed that the plane creates its
own slipstream into which it proceeds forward, keep the plane up. And the sky is
kept up by the same means. There is no other time in history that the sky has been
kept up over the earth in this fashion.
Speak pain                        of the many
                   headed beast          whose hunger and
             armor are equal
OF the appearance of guise
              who above all overcome death
              and appear in life a resurrection of the
             insulting laws of the elements
Speak through sinew       that binds
       the senses to       “that tree, that I am”      --
I am to the widows peak and
mountain wake
the vivid insults of
vehemence results of the social tangle of the tidal [ideal
The inevitable sentence of fabulous refusal
on the bursting avenida of spring
Fresh from a night of robbery    (of robbing houses)
my migraine medicine
Channel 9
“To the gate”
“Charlie Charlie 2  5  right”
“Charlie 8 just called for a push”
“304 to push alpha”
Commander first Officer, “I need that push tail left”
“One one thousand
eleven thousand
thirty six thousand for one three thousand”
 “UA 89 we’re at fifteen thousand”
“UA 89 maintain one two six eight five two”
“Okay flight UA 89”
“Good afternoon                 What’s your mock speed?”
“250 unable to 80166”
“Okay United 250 stay at normal speed if you need us to go faster we’ll have to go down”
“UA 304 try to maintain ….”
“What’s your point mock….”
“We’re climbing 8030”
King of the Fixed Stars
“The months had fed the passion of the sun
And now his burning breath assailed the soil.
The tiger heats prowled through the fainting earth
All was licked up as by a lolling tongue.
The spring winds failed: the sky was set like bronze.”
                                   --Sri Aurobindo, Savitri
                     concordance lyra                “For overturn on the light-lifting wings of a dragonfly is not more swift”
No Wonder
“Wet your lips with wine now
for the dogstar, wheeling up the sky
brings back summer, the time all things….”
Brief History of the Sky, continued
Go fishing in the sky and you will find many methods and tools. Any, every sky, use to be suspended by shout. “Praise to the skies” -- the sky inhaled up,  then  named for breath become divine. Listen to the methods of the sky, tracking thought so close on its tail, shadowing the animal so that it is seen and feels itself discovered around each bend but not catchable not even a goal. The only point to strip away the bark get close to the quiet wake that covers one and the next as all prepositions drop out revealing what was once said. Those that remain in repose but overshadowed by examples of overshadowing: what is more verbose than a subject and predicate and yet they pare it down as if an x-ray could walk and talk: punctuation -- the constellations served up.
Each tale cracked the code but showed us that grammar itself could not be broken
Now they crack the code but show us that the sky itself is broken and remade daily
As constellations dim or lose their names, Doctors of air traffic control invite us to revisit the many moons of method. Each moon marks a time of day, night, country or century. According to the moon, they say. In accord with the moon, some say. The many hungry moons, is said.
 Invocation 9
Speak Menemsyme of
contraction and its many cat plays
Speak the diction of pain its many
refusals to speak
Speak or show your teeth teeth
fang of condensation of ice’s seize
Ice ugly shepherd
blind water leads             Drink tell tale told
Drink contraction ugly decorative remodel
ugly memory remodel
If each family is their own army
Off in the distance Pretoria is a swimming pool
But “First I Dream”
                  --after Sor Juana
Pyramidal, doleful, mournful shadow _ _ _ _
[Cylindrical                         fruitful                       doleful                                 clock
                                             seasonal                                                                 nurse
                                             quizzical                                                                ghost
shape                                   kind of                            feel of
4 syllables                          attention                      attention                             thing
                                                                               Falling Objects
If one gives us music
the other ear turns it to air
which to worship ear or air
In the dark before that is not it
rummaging for
an object
said where
the sun is the center --why doesn’t the moon fall out of the sky
                                        well we wither
                                       well we alter well
and unto alarm’s sunder
we edit so much
throwing bones outside
the casting circle
              high winds on a man in a tower while the earth rushes through its errands
 on a train moving 19 point five miles per second
But I who have tested the sun
rest with it
whose agreement is ours
while planets spin around us
a bird leaves its branch
outstripping worms to the west
in a flight for north and eastward worms
sees over these problems
dropping fast through rotation
as if orbit is not our venue
or supposition easy prey
to a bird hanging on for dear life
lets go for an instant
yet is not lost forever
sings gaily instead
a little anthem of rest
being heavy braves the elements
on hollow bones braves
our oldest ancestor
inherits stillness
how can there be such thing as
fine print
package deal
how many spheres
where is our word
for the uncountable
In Fair And Graceful Exchange the earth
pays dues to the feudal moon
earthshine on the face
otherwise in debt’s shadow
                   How I loop the loop
When Bitterjuice the lion wraps its tail
around the sun we call it
The three stars of Orion’s belt are zebras
failed hunting failed hunted the stars are
before us and may pursue
sun rise         moon set       spine bending        tree falling
             and so June
                       7,000 years ago
also called
the remains of that sky
                               air ruins
                   in Timbuktu
Night letters*
       -- of gloves and masks
-coils of barbed wire
                   strung among the clouds-        virtual crowns of thorns
-restricted firmament- halo
here runway whisperer
                  -in the clutches of wake-
Above the shrill voice of the cicada
         turbo drones
         cockpit to cabin calls
         wish in noise inaudible
If conversation is
then dream is the outsourcing
people example
who only talk with food in their mouths
a language of warble
stranger water
has visited us here
suffocating under
gratitude’s burden
* Letters left in mosques to warn of impending violence
Camp Echo [at] Guantanamo [true]
is not our dozen
eggs made of wood
these our vitamins
            Go down
                 down to the troubled
                     waters made of wood
scavenge              dust devil            haze
legroom collateral          cotton wool
       VVVVVVVV Visibility
             Amendment 2
stapled to vigilance
         my  +
two brothers went
to dress security up
                          omni directional
                     auto land
Blind city
seeing sky above
Spoilers so
        the dominoes start falling
                  knots, miles, kilometers, -the quibla 
shortest measure to Mecca-
tryst at latitude’s longitude
                             let us meet
at      “fixes”
five letter monikers                         outfield’s reason
                                                         exit up
naked eye
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-- All text in italics is from The Starry Messenger, by Galileo, Venice 1610
-- All text in dashes derived from Ask The Pilot, Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel, by Patrick Smith; Riverhead Books, New York, 2004.

STARRY MESSENGER is forthcoming in 2009 as the book AERODROME ORION & STARRY MESSENGER from Kelsey St Press, Berkeley, California.