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Tabula Rosa         ( By Rachel Blau duPlessis)
(Chapter II, Drafts)  


behind the.

Oily shadow grains an entry

confident. An a.
Black lines
dot nylon rope about,
tie scout knots.

What paths inside
territory of utterance
hear me

smudge and hear me


. Plum grainy
veins, unfathomable
noises, moues and wrinkle

Plumb line, pul-
sing, eye to eye, drinks
dusks of light. 

One year after, like a punctuation; one month together, and
these times had meaning, particular meaning, were also an
arbitrary path cut through possibly a mistaken hole in the
floor, they thought the radiator was smaller, and there it
is, an unfilled circle ninety years old. 

full moon, and hardness                          My mother I will, she said. 

Fructifying inundation  of           Pink swans
alien corn                               "Utopian" living in the deep
offers groundswell.
Grey crocii pearly
sprout, snowlogged, slimy,
dying consensual.
The plot was so big it
encompassed all

statements. Thick black
cover lined pages.
Thus it is  

maybe political cynicism with odd
borders gerrymandered.

And, in the space between entropy
and arousal,


or longing for liquid


. word. Blue 

(pants, trousers, cover-
alls) Blue, all                             "There is Mr Ashley, narrating
tempered drop                          his 'songs' or 'stories' in a
into                                        gentle, sing-song chant--what
the morning bizniz sweet            he terms 'vocal inflections
whistles, their hustle low            that you might call singing.' "
the-y fl-y one (tows) three.
Stroke in the air, wobble
a tune, wow.
Two red tickets set at an angle-- 


Imbedding some       extruding some    the interplay between selection,
imbedding, and loss. Some few words, chosen, and why; but are
also chosen from, once the day was awash in pinpricks, a pull in
the back muscle, overlay and no experience. No experience because
all. Say. 
Saw. Operations. Addictions . And no shadow and it was
dark within this icy  one knows  brightness all disappearing all intense    
writing  what ; does it save it? "diaristic" in impulse, but
unbargained, imponderable. Over written. Written then over written,
over ridden, the selection is one thing, this (the globule, clot) another.
Different plans and different pictures. 

                                                   uneven picture patterns,
Most poetry something-                   irregular blocks, a rebus
imagery, structure.                         trued, held in a rose-pink        

                     Dreaming I'm crying
                     it's she's crying. 

                                                     Making her watching her  

.All like little novels?                          make herself  
Novels are nothing like this.
                      The synchronity of seeing that when

Too many subplots                            it goes along-
bleating                                               I can't keep it in mind if I
chaotic lambs                                     don't connect   
on the territory
of utterance                                        repress, it
as well, deep night                            (as it)         
reinvents ab-
straction, blueness,                           goes along .
day does (sometimes)                               sometimes visually
syntax.                                                stated "imperfection"
                                                                     material "run-
                                                            out" added a piece of red
                                                                     "accidentally" reversed two
                                                           patches, inserted an " un-
                                                                     matching" background slash.  

                                                     Rachel Blau duPlessis