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the world's in a bad state
leaders who cannot grasp
the immensities of living
people caught in the clasp
of ignorance (stuffed with hate)
essential substances giving
off poisons (the nuclear asp
already biting) too late
planet earth at its last gasp
maybe by chance surviving
just one crude hope as bait
for a fresh world - a loud rasp
of chaos (dreamed-sense reviving)
love's a layer we must break through
upon it dutifully we ride content
that all the world's an inlet to our stream
that we-alone is what is prominent
love's frankness is a blindness to the view
the other night love shattered like a beam
directly blasted - its ravagement
destroyed the selves we thought we knew
and dashed us splattered to a continent
whose heart-aches only murder could redeem
i sat across the bed and looked at you
and saw (still raw) a deep transfigurement -
a fuller venus scalloped from love's dream